ONErpm è un servizio di distribuzione digitale che ti permette di avere una pagina personale dove far ascoltare e vendere la tua musica ai fan. Funziona anche su Facebook.

ONErpm (ONE Revolution People’s Music) is a digital distribution service and fan engagement platform founded in 2010 by Emmanuel Zunz and Matthew Olim, the latter one of the co-founders of CDNow, a pioneer in digital music which was acquired by Amazon in 2000.

The company offer such services as direct-to-fan sales, distribution to multiple web outlets including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, Rdio, Google Music, Deezer, eMusic, YouTube, music sharing widgets and an app that allows artist to stream and sell music on Facebook.

According to information from the site, ONErpm charges a one time fee to register and gives 85% of sales to artists and labels in a nonexclusive deal, so the rights of artists are preserved and they also have an option to distribute content using Creative Commons licenses. The digital music distributor recently began offering a free package that includes distribution to Rdio, Grooveshark and YouTube in which artists can now receive revenue generated from advertising on the video plattform.


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Non sono previsti abbonamenti ma un pagamento unico: più paghi e in più negozi sei distribuito.

Quattro piani:

  1. Free
  2. Essential: €39.99 – €10.00 single
  3. Pro: €75.00 – €20.00 single
  4. Arena: €699.00