Giggem era una sorta di LinkedIN della musica. Ti metteva in contatto e ti aiutava a trovare fra migliaia di musicisti e professionisti del settore musicale: partner ideali per far crescere la tua rete di contatti.

Giggem’s social networking service is designed to automatically match musicians with other musicians, bands and industry professionals based on the info on their profiles.

Giggem allows users to create comprehensive résumé like profiles for themselves. Information is extracted from the profiles by Giggem’s algorithm, resulting in relevant connection suggestions. The service is available to solo musicians, bands, managers, record labels, songwriters, promoters and venues as of September 2013. Giggem offers three primary features: opportunity notifications of matching users, seeking feeds and profile view analytics.

User profiles can link to relevant media content like SoundCloud files or YouTube videos and include information such as a who the musician or band is looking for, their experience level, dedication, age, and instruments.

A July 2013 article in Guitar World noted that Giggem is “the industry’s first comprehensive and cohesive platform dedicated to helping musicians find one another, be discovered by managers and labels, as well as promote their music, videos and career highlights.”